Rum & Cocktails
Rum & Cocktails
Rum & Spirits
A full obsession

Our team is among the small world of the rum-obsessed. What started as a passing interest for rum long ago turned into a full obsession in the years since. We regularly attend rum festivals, travel to distilleries around the Caribbean, and visit rum and tiki bars wherever we go. We always look forward to chatting about rum to our guests and welcome the opportunity to challenge the “college days” rum experience and perception.

We offer rums from everywhere around the world, from Thailand to the Caribbean. While we love sipping on a beautiful rum, there are few things in life more satisfying than a delicious rum cocktail or tiki drink. With over 100 rums on our backbar, we are always tinkering with new drinks, and adding sexy, aged rums to the shelf. 

In addition to our rum selection, we have a substantial whiskey list, and a huge number of bottles of eccentric gins, brandys, Cognacs, and liqueurs. “We are drawn toward the unusual, the rare, the eccentric and delicious,” says co-owner Ed Rudisell. “There are some real hidden gems on this bar. We are always excited to introduce people to these wonderful producers.”

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