Draft & Bottles
A love affair

Chef Micah Frank and Wine Director Chris Coy have long been fans of fine beer. They both regularly make trips to breweries around the U.S. to sample new beer, meet the brewers, and learn about each brewery’s specialties. This love of beer spawned the “Brewer Series” of dinners and the Annual Holiday Beer Brunch – hosting brewmasters from all over the country. 

Having gained a passion for age-worthy beers in the 90’s, Coy initiated the Vintage Beer program at Black Market. “I’m always on the lookout for a beer that will hold up to time,” he says. “We currently have verticals of several beers, and various vintages of others.”

Chef Micah can often be found trekking around Michigan, North Carolina, Indiana, and Kentucky in search of breweries that inspire his cooking. This marriage of beer and food has long been a tradition at Black Market.